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August 7, 2020 Indoor

Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet in Delicious Organizer

There is no worse nightmare at home than going into kitchen and observing with terror. Half dish of dirty dishes in pile, loaf of bread on bench, pot of outside pantry storage cabinet. And thousands of half empty bottles that you do not know where to put. We know that home space is worth its price in gold. And that we do not always have everything we want; not even of all that we need. Therefore, storage arises as a complicated issue. Do I prefer to have a table in kitchen or a shelf? We bet on order. That’s why we have that answer: we bet on storage! And if it is original and design, better than better!

Door Pantry Cabinets Walmart

Door Pantry Cabinets Walmart

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Now, take a look at four proposals that we have gather in this book of ideas. Now we have no excuse, question of order is solely in our hands. Large pantries are wonderful: a small room full of delicious delicacies. And lots of boats that seem to give us a lifetime to eat. However, in modern homes pantries have no place. With this design we present an alternative full of style: an original bookshelf! With metallic structure lacquered in yellow and an original composition. This shelving gives solution to all objects that inhabit a kitchen.

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Ceramic boxes to keep fresh fruit and vegetables, wooden crates to preserve bread and pasta, cavities where to place eggs and bottles and even magnetized surfaces from which to hang jars. Any surface can be useful to lend a hand and if you do not believe us, admire this design. On front of this great piece an original bookcase has been created. Its different spaces are perfectly adapted to our needs, since kitchen utensils are characterized by their varied shapes and their heterogeneous sizes. And not only that, thanks to an innovative system, shelves of adjacent cabinet move outwards, making it easier to use.

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Kitchen islands are very fashionable, but are they really functional? In terms of division of space they are and much: if we have a kitchen sharing space with dining room or living room. This piece will be of great help to zoning uses. And in addition, some of them can serve as dining tables. Such as countertop, kitchen bench and table all in one. In terms of storage they are also and here we show you how: kitchen bench allows opening as if it were lid of a drawer, opening us a space where we can store pans and casseroles. A design of most practical.

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