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Different Decoration Carved Wood Wall Panel

Carved wood wall panel can be a hobby or a career. Choose from many different kinds of wood, depending on the type of project you are undertaking. Pine wood is one of the favorites for its softness and grain and is often use by beginner wood carvers to teach them the intricacies of the ship. Get a wood panel 3/4 to an inch thick and it is quite large for the size you have planned. Lime, aspen or pumpkin is recommended for beginners because these types of wood are softer and easier to carve. Create a full-size relief pattern and use paper to carefully transfer the pattern to the wood panel.

Antique White Carved Wood Panels

Antique White Carved Wood Panels

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Place the carved wood panel screens on the bench and secure it with clamps. Draw the bench knife or skew chisel along the contour of the pattern several times until reaching the maximum depth of the size. It should be no more than half the thickness of the panel. Cut out, with a gouge, from the contour cut you just made, to roughly out the bottom. Use the gouge to widen the bottom of the wood an inch or two. Use a small rule or depth gauge to check that the depth of the bottom is the same throughout the pattern. Correct the areas that are too high and use a shallow gouge to soften the background.

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Carved wood panel target the contours of the individual pieces of the pattern with the bench knife or skew the chisel. Use the v-chisel and bent gouge to remove the lower areas. Round the raised part of the pattern with the bench knife or skew the chisel. Obtain a wooden panel one inch thick and the size of your intended size. Draw a full-size pattern of the size of the paper. Look carefully at your paper pattern to determine the foreground, middle, background, and sky. This will determine the level of deep at which each area is cut. The area of the sky will be the deepest background, middle and foreground being successively more superficial.

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Line each area with a different colored pencil. Contours to wood and colors. Make a cut that defines the outer design edges of each wood, with the tools or skews the chisel to a depth of no more than half an inch. Roughly out of the contours to the proper depth with the gouge and the chisel to skew. Place the pattern over the blank space and copy the details of the foreground level to the wood. Hand carved wood panels the details with v-gouge, bent gouge, knife chip or bench knife. The same for each level.

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