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September 15, 2020 Indoor

Foyer Table Ideas for House

Even the most minimal foyer table ideas can often be in the way where space is limited. Fortunately, a table is one of the easiest furniture to improvise-all that is necessary to create one is a flat surface and a stable foundation.

Circle Foyer Table

Wall Mounted Tables

24 Inspiration Gallery from Foyer Table Ideas for House

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Image of: Decorative Foyer Table
Image of: Circle Foyer Table

For seriously small kitchen, wall mounted, folding table is the most convenient way to get a table and save space as well. Commercial table ideas are available, but if your budget is as small as the kitchen, make your own using an old table top, mounted extra-large cutting board or an editorial board on the wall with a piano hinge. A platform 24 inches by 32 inches will easily hold two envelopes. Use chains attached to the wall and the table to hold it in place, or attach a vertically-directed rotatable support beneath it. Let your table make double fool by attaching a black board to the back of the table to act as a bulletin board when in upright position.

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Stapling Tables

If you usually eat alone, but want to have a foyer table at times, buy or build stacking tables of the same dimensions. When the guests are expected, unstick and arrange the table as a big table. Cut out a square with light acrylic or plywood with the dimensions that will cover the tables when pressed together. Put it on top and cover with a cloth for a more uniform effect. Buy high quality wood TV tiles to use as separate small tables for guests, and as extra to space in small kitchens. When not needed, they can be folded together and stored between cabinets or out of the way in a wardrobe. Best of all, you do not even have to live in the kitchen to eat.

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Recycled Tables

For a funky but functional look, consider converting an old ironing board into a long, narrow board. Remove cloth and padding, and then attach a large board, acrylic sheet or plywood to the top with hidden screws (recessed and filled or regulated from below). Keep weighted or use as a snack between meals. Top an old pallet with a slice of wood for another recycled small table, or use a chest of drawers or a small chest of drawers. The chest of drawers will serve as storage for tablecloths, cutlery and plates. Students and anyone who needs to study space might want to consider combining food and work areas to maximize the little space for each. A robust desk with large side drawers is ideal. Use a box for paper, pencils and other study needs and use another for envelopes, linen tables and so on.

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