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July 24, 2020 Home Decor

How to Finish Walkout Basement Floor

If you have a walkout basement, a space potentially livable as it has its own entrance, you might want to throw something more inviting concrete. The problem is that you cannot anything be nailed to the concrete, which limits your options. One solution is a vinyl floor without glue, using rectangular vinyl tiles that snap together and are not connected to the existing floor.

Best Walkout Basement

Best Walkout Basement

Education to finish walkout basement floor: clean and dry thoroughly the basement. Set the initial line of vinyl tiles next to the longest wall in the room, with the long sides run along the wall and the short sides tripped to one another. Put spacers between the edges of the board and the wall to create a gap of ¼ inch.

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Cut the last piece to fit in the end, scoring with a knife alongside a level, then shoot. Lay the next course of tile next to the first, taking the long edges together. Build on all the earth, course by course, by cutting the ends.

Finally, to finish walkout basement floor, cut the last course for long, so that it fits against the wall with a space ¼ left there. Floor trim cover the spaces around the edges.

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