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October 12, 2020 Home Decor

Bilco Door Ways to Hide

Bilco door are a mark trap door or hatch, which leads to an underground area such as a basement. While many homes have this type of doors as an alternative input method basement, these metal doors are usually unsightly, especially once they start to rust by prolonged exposure to the elements.

Best Bilco Door

Best Bilco Door

Use wooden fences or wire fences with woven plastic mesh mask Bilco door. Wooden fences is the most attractive of the two options and can be painted, while little can be done to decorate plastic wire mesh fences. Use fencing in front of the door only, or using a fence around the perimeter of the door. If you choose to cover the perimeter fences, use one side of the fence as a door.

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A cheaper method to hide Bilco door have fencing is installed wooden screens. Simply search unpainted wooden screens, such as those you would use at home to divide rooms, which can withstand the elements. Bury screens around half a foot a foot deep on your lawn to prevent blown away and causing property damage screens as well as the properties of their neighbors. As with wooden fences, you have the option of painting the screens, including the creation of a variety of designs and patterns.

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