October 8, 2020 Pool Enclosure

Opening and Closing Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosure club is normally open from the first week of June to September 15th. The use of it is reserved for members and guests of members. Guests must present membership invitation at the reception access to the Club. Otherwise they will be paid € 10.00 per guest or owner partner may authorize direct debit. All children under 8 years if accompanied by a juvenile.

Pool Enclosure Above Ground

Pool Enclosure Above Ground

The pool enclosure consists of the swimming area and recreation area or solarium, having different treatment areas both in terms of the dates and times of use. The lifeguard schedule is from 11:00 h. 19:00 h. It is not allowed to enter the pool cafe only with bathing (naked torso).

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To stay in the pool will have to take appropriate clothing, swimwear and always with slippers. Consume food and drinks inside the pool enclosure and also to deposit all waste or objects in it, must use the bins provided for this purpose in this zone is prohibited. The entry into the water from any object capable of causing damage to users or contaminate water (sharps, dirty, etc).

In case of accident you should call the lifeguard. You need to shower before entering the pool. Total and absolute ban on ball games, balls and anything else that carry inconvenience for other users. Instructions pool lifeguard, which is authorized to remove the pool enclosure that can cause people with behavior problems and dangers to other users will be attended at all times.

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