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How to Install Asphalt Walkway Pavers

Walkway pavers – You can install concrete pavers on existing asphalt pavement, although it is not recommended. Asphalt is more subject to damage freeze / thaw, rise and cracks with extreme temperatures. It is therefore less stable than other bases of the paver and can cause concrete pavers change and cracking. Some manufacturers Paver not give a guarantee on asphalt pavers installed in areas with extreme temperatures. There are times, however, when installing asphalt walkway pavers is better to remove the old asphalt road and start again. The technique is similar to the installation of pavers on earth.

Build walkway pavers

Build walkway pavers

Make sure the asphalt is in good condition. Repair of cracks, chips, holes, grooves or other damage with asphalt patch material. Keep the surface as smooth as possible. Put some kind of trim, heavy plastic or metal preferably at the edges. Sink only slightly below what will be the top of the pavers finished. Esparza landscape filters fabric on the road. It is a sealant to keep the sand bed for paver intact, allowing drainage. Then put a layer of gravel on the web, at least 1/2 inch deep. Smooth and level using a table. Then the sand compact with a hand tamper or mechanical rented for larger areas.

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Place the walkway pavers in any pattern you want. Put them as together as you can using wet saw to cut any adjustments if necessary. Once the stones are set firmly, spread sand over the top and swept into the joints between pavers. Using a thin or polymer and sand will fill small cracks. It may take several attempts to get sand between the pavers firmly to stabilize.

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