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August 26, 2020 Indoor

Make a Wall Mount Pot Rack That Mounted On the Bamboo Wall

Pot racks are very useful for organizing vital kitchen utensils. From simple ornamented, pot racks are available in almost any style you can imagine. If your main concern is the function, however, you can make your own roof rack or wall mount pot rack for only a few dollars. If your kitchen has free wall space, you can decide that a wall-mounted shelf works best for you. Kitchens without free wall space may require a ceiling grid. Are you jamming in space to store all your pots and pans? Again, a wall pot rack can be a good solution. There are many materials that can be used in a wall-mounted rack of the pot, from wood to metal, tube or even bamboo.

Bookshelf Pot Rack

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Bamboo is a very versatile wood that brings a touch of Asia to any decoration and creates a beautiful and profitable pot shelf. Save storage space by creating your own bamboo old dutch wall mount pot rack. It is an affordable solution that keeps pots and pans handy in the kitchen while being decorative. For this project, starting with measure the area where the shelf of the pot mounted on the wall will hang. Cut five pieces of bamboo. The width of this planned area and cut another five stems from the height of the area. Place the bamboo cutting pieces in a grid pattern.

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Making sure that the second and fourth vertical bamboo sections are at least 16 inches apart. Keep in mind this 16-inch split will be where the wire loops for hanging the wall pot shelf are positioned. Because the standard wall beam placement is 16 inches apart. Start with the bamboo centerpiece on the grill and apply hot glue where the pieces meet. Make one of the entire lengths of the wall mounted grid pots at a time and then press pieces together. Use the fine-tipped cutters to cut 25 pieces of 12-inch-long wire. Cut an additional two pieces (for the hanging loops) this same length of 12 inches. Adjust the cable (or string, if preferred) around each bamboo joint, starting from the front of the joint.

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Make an “X” and then wind the cable (or rope) on the top and sides of the board. Squeeze on the back of the wall mounted pan rack with the pliers. Aesthetic surgery on the ends of the cable. Make the two wire handles to hang the frame. Fold the first piece of the 12-inch length of wire in half. Hold both open ends firmly on the caliper’s teeth. Then begin twisting the wire with the other hand until a 1-inch loop is left at the other end. Make the other wire hoop hanging in the same way. Place both loops on # 2 and # 4 joints on top of the frame. Scatter “S” hooks along the shelf to hang pots.

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