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August 10, 2020 Indoor

Japanese Room Divider Decor Ideas

Japanese room divider – The open and open spaces are more fashionable. To dispense with some partitions does not have to subtract privacy from certain spaces. There are numerous solutions to define different areas in an open space without them sharing a common space. Spacers that respond to different needs and aesthetic tastes. Room dividers allow us to create different spaces in the same room. Depending on the utility or the use that will be given to each of them. All this without the need to alter structural components, quickly and conveniently. Screens, panels made with modern techniques and shelves are just some examples.

Carp Japanese Room Divider Kitchen

Carp Japanese Room Divider Kitchen

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We may want to separate the kitchen from the dining room, the study of the bedroom or the living room library, without letting them stop sharing a common space. We can achieve this without further complexity using separators like the ones we propose today. Separators that will visually divide a space, providing greater intimacy to each one of them and facilitating the possibility of contributing their own style to each one of them. The classic screens are those that are composed of three or four folding frames made mainly of materials such as wood, fabric or bamboo. The fabric screens with oriental-inspired motifs are next to the classic wooden screens the most popular and the most used to create a small dressing area in the bedroom. Less popular are leather upholstery, usually reserved for masculine and or sophisticated spaces.

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The screens can you reinvent and update to adapt to new decorative trends. Today we can find screens in a wide range of materials: plastic, felt, steel, marble … Not all folds like traditional or do not do it in the same way, but in return, offer more attractive designs and extra utilities. New needs originate new solutions. The modern separators that we include in this category you can fix to the floor, ceiling or wall. The most popular ones present geometric motifs through which they allow light to pass through. They are made of materials as different as steel, high-tech polymers or ceramics. In neutral colors such as white and black or vibrant as orange, they are favorites to decorate contemporary and modern spaces.

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The shelves are a practical separator of environments. They provide us with two functionalities in one. Also, they contribute to create different spaces and solve possible storage problems. They are also very aesthetic to be able to place different decorative objects on them. The open shelves are the favorite as space separators because they are accessible on both sides. We can take advantage of them to store objects both on one side and on the other. In addition, they let in light and do not impede the vision between different environments. If we want to completely separate the two environments, we will resort to the closed shelves that will act as shelves and walls on both sides, respectively.

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