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July 9, 2020 Indoor Furniture

Cleaning The Glass Curio Cabinets

Dust collects on the edges and corners of the glass curio cabinets, requiring completely wipe these sections to avoid that land be set between glass and wood. With proper cleaning, your guests can admire your special memories without looking through scratches or dust. Instructions:  Remove items from the cabinet of curiosities if they are glass shelves. Place a toall on the floor and put removable glass shelves on it. Clean the dust off the shelves and the outer and inner door glass cabinet with a clean, damp cloth. Reaches the corners and along the edges of glass to remove the hidden land.

Small Tall Curio Cabinets

Small Tall Curio Cabinets

Spray the glass curio cabinets inner doors with glass cleaner. Clean them with a lint free cloth. Sprinkle the external glass cleaner. Fold the cloth to reveal the dry side windows and clean it. Look through both glasses to look stripes. Reapply the spray if you notice scratches or dirty areas during cleaning.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Cleaning The Glass Curio Cabinets

Image of: Antique Curio Cabinets
Image of: Elegant Curio Cabinets
Image of: Vintage Curio Cabinets
Image of: Classic Curio Cabinets
Image of: Tall Curio Cabinets
Image of: Small Tall Curio Cabinets
Image of: Traditional Curio Cabinets
Image of: Corner Curio Cabinets
Image of: Glass Curio Cabinets
Image of: Rustic Curio Cabinets
Image of: Height Curio Cabinets
Image of: Curio Cabinets
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Hold one end of the glass curio cabinets shelf with one hand, leaving the bottom in the towel. Sprinkle both sides with glass cleaner. Clean both sides of the shelf with a lint-free cloth. Examined for scratches before putting them back in the cabinet of curiosities. Put the items carefully on the shelves.

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