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November 22, 2020 Indoor Furniture

Selection of Curtain Rods

Election by Function

Curtain rods – Another method to choose a curtain rod is by its function. You may need a scroll bar that allows you to slide the curtains to open or close, usually with a cable or rod. Use a scroll bar with heavy curtains. If your curtains are left in place, you can use a hidden or decorative rod. A narrow bar cafe style curtain allows you to close the curtains by hand and is a good choice.

Amazing Curtain Rods

Amazing Curtain Rods

Choice Based on how

The shape of the window determines which type of rod can select. You can not hang a curtain rods standard straight in an arched window without distorting or hiding the arc. Instead, you should seek a curved curtain rod, usually a flexible piece of plastic. If you have a large window, then you have to choose a rod designed for that type of window.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Selection of Curtain Rods

Image of: Curtain Rods Choice
Image of: Hiden Curtain Rods
Image of: Traditional Curtain Rods
Image of: Small Curtain Rods
Image of: Metal Curtain Rods
Image of: Curtain Rods Picture
Image of: Curtain Rods Image
Image of: Curtain Rods Ideas
Image of: Contemporary Curtain Rods
Image of: Classic Curtain Rods
Image of: Antique Curtain Rods
Image of: Amazing Curtain Rods
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Pockets, Brooches and Rings

Some curtains have a pocket which you move the rod, while others are attached to the bar across brooches or rings. Some curtains can have big eyelets that slide on a bar. How to hang the curtain rods determines what type you can choose, but you can skip a pocket and decide to hang the curtain with snaps.

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