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January 11, 2020 Indoor Furniture

Changing the Bulbs in Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are common in terms of lighting option many homes and buildings. The basis of this type of light is embedded directly in the ceiling, instead of replacing as does a spider or a hanging light. Because recessed lighting bulbs are usually hidden behind a glass globe, you must remove it to access the bulb.

The Ceiling Lights

The Ceiling Lights


12 Inspiration Gallery from Changing the Bulbs in Recessed Ceiling Lights

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Image of: Ceiling Lights Pendant
Image of: Ceiling Lights Style
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Image of: Bathroom Ceiling Lights
Image of: Dark Ceiling Lights
Image of: Glass Ceiling Lights
Image of: Modern Ceiling Lights
Image of: Low Ceilings Lights
Image of: Ceilings Lights Minimalist
  1. Turn off the light from the switch and sets the ladder below the recessed light for easy reach.
  2. Climb the stairs and find the decorative kick in the bottom center of the globe. If I rotate it counterclockwise to remove sense. If none is available, looking small screws on the basis near the ceiling lights. Turn each counterclockwise to loosen the globe.
  3. Lift the balloon gently from below and place it in a safe place where it will not break.
  4. Remove the existing light bulb and rotate counterclockwise and then inserts an identical, new bulb in the socket, turning it clockwise. Get rid of the old bulb.
  5. Lift the balloon and put it back into the fixture until flush against the base. Re-adjust the screws on the side to secure it or reinsert the decorative finish and adjust.
  6. Turn the ceiling lights from the switch to make sure the new light bulb works well.
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